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Sudbury’s Food Co-op Turns 10, Ushers in Changes

Eat Local Sudbury is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, but it almost didn't make that milestone.

Le nouveau PDG d’UNI s’engage à ne pas fermer de points de services

Il ne s’était pas encore publiquement exprimé depuis sa nomination le 5 décembre en tant que chef de la direction d’UNI Coopération financière. Robert Moreau a tenu, mercredi matin, sa première conférence de presse. L’occasion pour lui de dévoiler sa vision et ses ambitions pour ses nouvelles fonctions.

Sunrise CU to Merge With Grandview CU

Sunrise Credit Union is looking to add 24,000 members.The financial institution has announced the intent to merge with Grandview Credit Union.

Afghan Beekeepers Demonstrate the Power of Co-ops to Transform Lives

Cooperatives in Afghanistan were banned for a number of years and were allowed again only 15 years ago, according to the International Co-operative Alliance based in Brussels, Belgium.

COLUMN: How Co-ops Could Help Us Solve Our Toughest Problems

If you haven’t already visited the new Kootenay Co-op grocery store, it’s worth a peek. The olive bar alone is enough to make me swoon, but aside from its considerable variety of tasty offerings, the new Co-op represents the next step in the growth of a type of organization that is uniquely well-suited to our small city.

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