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Funds for Social Housing Upgrades

Co-ops bring families and communities together. Westglen Co-operative Homes is providing $266,923 for improvements, which could include new energy-efficient boilers, insulation window, LED light and mechanical systems in high-rise apartments. Money for the program is coming from the province's cap and trade program. And it part of an overall effort to fight climate change by reducing greenhouse gases, Sandals told a group of about 20 residents and co-op officials.

Généreux coup de pédale de 200 000 $!

COOP FÉDÉRÉE, Quelque 140 employés et partenaires de la Coop fédérée du Québec ont vaillamment pédalé pour recueillir plus de 200 000 $ en fin de semaine, à Rimouski et dans les environs.L’objectif initial a été largement dépassé, avec une somme record pour le Défi Vélo La Coop de 204 600 $.

La Coop AgriEst fusionne avec la Coop Unifrontières

La Coop Unifrontières has grown from 7 to 9 branches and added the territory of Eastern Ontario to the already well-heeled Montérégie West. This was officially announced on August 4th at the Polo Nacional Club in Sainte-Marthe, while Coop AgriEst based in Saint-Isidore-de-Prescott, Ontario merged its activities with Coop Unifrontières.

Credit Unions Say Switch to Digital Is a Priority, But How Are They Doing?

Digitisation remains a key test for credit unions, according to a recent study by Co-op Financial Services. The paper from credit union service organisation is based on research by David Rogers, author of the Digital Transformation Playbook. He questioned 221 credit union leaders on five strategic areas: consumers, competition, data, innovation and value.

Food Hub Builds Community Connection for Agriculture

Cow-op is a social enterprise run by a co-operative. The board of directors is comprised entirely of the farmers who use the platform. With 30 registered vendors and more than 400 registered buyers, the virtual food hub is approaching a critical breakthrough point.

A People-Owned Internet Exists. Here Is What It Looks Like

The commercial internet service providers weren’t bringing high-speed connectivity to residents, so a group of neighbors banded together and created their own internet cooperative. Big providers love making their jobs sound so complicated that nobody else could do it, but these people set up their own wireless network, and they still maintain it.

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    CMC’s online Documentation Center offers access to a range of educational tools and co-operative training resources in Canada. This online library can help with all aspects of co-op planning, development and democratic governance. Tools can be downloaded directly from the Documentation Centre. A search engine allows sorting by category, document type or keyword. Resources are regularly added or updated as they come available.

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