Canada's Emerging Co-operators (CEC) represents an important perspective in the Canadian co-operative movement. The committee helps to identify the interests of young co-operators and improve how we engage with young Canadians. CEC functions as management committee of the CMC, reporting to CMC’s Executive Director.

Co-operators age 18-35 are eligible to apply for membership in the CEC committee.


The committee is comprised of 9-13 members, all champions, and supporters of youth engagement in co-operatives and credit unions. They include both employees and board members of co-operatives, and at least one representative from a provincial association.

The committee’s work

CEC has three strategic objectives:

  1. Through proactive engagement, we make youth a leading voice in the Canadian co-op world.
  2. We shape the future leadership of the co-op sector in Canada.
  3. We create opportunities for youth engagement.